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We at RF System Lab are extremely excited and proud to announce our partnership with Fertrading Group, an industry-leading international trade and global sourcing company with offices in North Carolina and other various locations across the globe.  Fertrading Group focuses on building strong, long-lasting business relationships between international companies to seamlessly and transparently import and export their products.

We realize that there is a demand for a versatile, reliable and reasonably priced high-end video borescope in Brazil’s thriving aviation, oil and gas, power generation and manufacturing sectors. Therefore, the RF System Lab team and Fertrading Group will meet this demand by providing the VJ-Advance (VJ-ADV) articulating video borescope to Brazil for the first time.

Fertrading Group is the exclusive VJ-ADV vendor for Brazil. Their contact information, as well as the Portuguese VJ-Advance video borescope brochure, can be found on RF System Lab’s Portuguese contact page.

You can find information on Fertrading Group and learn how you can purchase the VJ-Advance video borescope in Brazil on the Fertrading Group website or through the RF System Lab website. To read the original press release about our Fertrading partnership, visit PRWeb here.

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