5 Questions with RF System Lab’s Sales Team

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5 Questions with RF System Lab's Sales Team

A while back we introduced you to RF System Lab’s newest Sales Consultant, the Detroit Tigers Lovin’ J. St John. This time around, we want to offer you a chance to get to know the rest of RF System Lab’s sales team. Therefore, we chatted with Jess Kuznicki, Edward Thomas, and Casey O’Tool so that you could have a better idea of whom exactly makes up our team of video borescope experts.

Question 1 (Q1): What has been your favorite part about working at RF System Lab?

Jess Kuznicki (JK): Being able to provide our customers with unparalleled value. Our product provides both high-quality imaging and control at a fraction of the cost of the competition, and I can consult our customers with confidence when helping them decide which of our scopes will best suit their application needs. Also, the comradery and sense of family you get working with a small group of people. Not to mention, the level of talent coming from each person in each department helps evolve my skills every day.

Edward Thomas (ET): Learning more about the technical side of all the various industries that we work with (Aviation, Oil & Gas, Power Gen, Manufacturing).

Casey O’Tool (CO): The relationships I have established and built with esteemed colleagues and valued customers.

Q2: Favorite place to eat in Northern Michigan?

JK: The Lighthouse in my hometown Rogers City, MI. Not much to look at, but the best pizza on Earth. And it’s connected to a bowling alley. What more could you ask for?

ET: Georgina’s Authentic Asian & Latin Taqueria, hands down.

CO: Apache Trout Grill or Brutus Camp Deli… both are excellent choices.


Q3: What is your favorite VJ-Advance video borescope feature?

JK: The support that comes along with it. You won’t find a more dedicated group ready to help a customer at the drop of a hat.

ET: The pistol grip design and seamless 360-degree articulation.

CO: Designed use of AA batteries giving our customers a long-term reliable power source that is not restricted to carry on airplanes like most lithium ion battery packs.


Q4: Do you have any hobbies?

JK: Watching and playing sports (football, basketball, baseball). Playing, singing, and listening to music. I enjoy exploring Northern Michigan with my family.

ET: Playing pranks on co-workers (well, at least it’s about to be a new hobby…)

CO: Motorcycling, snowmobiling, boating, golfing, and skiing.


Q5: Where are you most excited about visiting / where do you hope to visit in your trade show travels?

JK: I have been quite a few places already on the trade show circuit. My favorite so far has been New Orleans. I’m a sucker for good food, and they have plenty of it. I’m excited to get a chance to visit San Francisco for the first time this fall for the A4A Forum.

ET: Montreal for the RSI/CMA Canadian Railway Summit. I visited earlier this year for a show and had a great time – I cannot wait to be back.

CO: My most exciting trip to date was my trip to the Big Apple…that’s right, New York City. I’d enjoy going back there, but I would also like to make it to San Diego or San Francisco for a tradeshow soon.


So there you have it – a little bit of insight into ¾ of the RF System Lab Sales Team. Make sure to read up on our fourth sales consultant, J. St. John, if you haven’t already.

You can contact any of our sales consultants and find out more about the VJ-Advance articulating video borescope (or maybe to find a good place to eat in Northern Michigan) by calling (888) 747-6526.

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