ATA NDT Conference Attendees See New 4mm Borescope

ATA NDT Conference Attendees See New 4mm Borescope

ATA NDT Conference Attendees See New 4mm Borescope

September 26th – 29th :  I had the privilege of attending the 54th Annual ATA NDT Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina.  As a rookie in the NDT industry, it was fascinating to learn about the different types of NDT equipment available, such as Eddy Current, Ultrasonic, and Thermography.  Also as a rookie, I felt like I was surrounded by some very seasoned Veterans.  Three days was certainly not long enough to absorb the wealth of knowledge being offered by the many professionals at the conference.  It was like “trying to drink from a fire hose.”

Our booth traffic was very heavy, and our newest 3.9 mm borescope was well received.  People were certainly impressed with VJ-ADV’s picture quality for such a small diameter insertion tube.  Along with the picture quality, they loved the portability (as always) and the maneuverability of the articulating tip.  Of course our 6.9 mm borescope still received its share of attention.  The features that most appealed to the attendees were the light weight, portability, and overall ease of use of our VJ video borescopes.

We were intrigued to find that many people attending the conference were new attendees and had not had a prior opportunity to see and learn about borescopes, including the type of video borescope features to seek when they are ready to buy a borescope.

One thing that was somewhat surprising (and nice) is that more and more people are becoming familiar with the name “RF System Lab.”  We are making a strong and favorable impression on our customer base, which is quickly building our brand recognition in the RVI world.  We were especially flattered to have our competitors recognize that even though our scope may not package as many functions as the very high end borescopes, what it does it does well.  And the VJ-Advance is difficult to compete with pricewise with the quality features and functions it does carry.

I will look forward to attending this conference again in the future.  It was a great opportunity to meet new clients, as well as learn about the different technologies available in NDT.  I believe it is important as a sales consultant, to be able to advise on what technology would be best for our customer’s application.

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