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POWER-GEN International 2016 brought together industry leaders in power generation. This year’s event hosted more than 1,200 companies, across all sectors of the industry, and over 22,000 attendees. Some of the latest technology in power generation was featured, including the VJ-Advance (VJ-ADV) Video Borescope from RF System Lab.

Borescope expert, Jess Kuznicki, pictured above, exhibited for RF System Lab at this year’s event. Jess was happy to answer a wide range of questions about remote visual inspection and the VJ-Advance Video Borescope. As a fully articulating video borescope, the VJ-Advance has become an instrumental tool for power generation inspection. Equipment uptime is critical for power generation and video borescopes allow for routine inspections to ensure machines are running smoothly. The VJ-Advance can save power-gen technicians days of inspection time over the working life of the product.

Weren’t able to attend the event? We will ship you a VJ-Advance articulating video borescope at no cost so you can evaluate it at your facility, in your own time. To find out more about our no obligation borescope demo program, visit our website.

RF System Lab Sales Consultant and borescope expert, Jess Kuznicki, returns from The Quality Show 2015 with a glowing review. Since some of the key industry markets at the show included fabrication, pharmaceutical, aerospace and aviation, and energy production, naturally, we were in attendance.

The Quality Show allows attendees to stay up-to-date on the latest advances in quality control tools and techniques, discover potentially-overlooked maintenance solutions, and to listen to several speakers covering topics of key issues in quality solutions.

A tradeshow that draws exhibitors from a wide variety of major industries, The Quality Show 2015 set up the RF System Lab booth for a high volume of visitors. Attendees were able to see the VJ-Advance (VJ-ADV) video borescope in-person and even request an on-site demo of the borescope.

When RF System Lab’s Jess Kuznicki was asked if we should go back next year, he highly recommended it. When one of our consultants who has talked all-things borescopes for the last five years suggests we go back, we’d be crazy not to.

If couldn’t meet Jess at the show and are interested in reviewing all of the features of the VJ-Advance for yourself, contact us about our no-cost, no-obligation demo program, or call us today at 888-747-6526.

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) has chapters across the globe. Each of these chapters hold quarterly meetings that are hosted by different ASME members. Topics include industry news and learning opportunities for the Mechanical Engineering field. This October’s meeting was hosted by the Mitsubishi Houston Repair Facility. The Houston area ASME-International Gas Turbine Technical Chapter (ASME-GTTC) is dedicated to the design, manufacture, operation, maintenance and business of gas turbine based technologies.

Not only was RF System Lab’s Sales Consultant, Jess Kuznicki, invited to attend this quarter’s chapter meeting, he was asked to put on a presentation. This makes him the first person outside of the ASME society to direct a presentation for ASME members.

Jess was able to present a detailed overview of the VJ-Advance (VJ-ADV) video borescope to over 40 ASME members. To cap off the presentation, all members in attendance were able to use the VJ-Advance on a fully-equipped Mitsubishi 501G power generation turbine.

When asked about the experience, Kuznicki said, “One of the reasons why I love traveling and meeting people that can benefit from borescopes is the look they have on their face when they actually get ours in their hands. They are excited to test it out. Seeing people use it on an actual turbine for the first time made the experience that much better.”

RF System Lab is proud to have been invited to this quarter’s meeting and would like to officially thank everyone at the American Society of Mechanical Engineers for their kindness, hospitality, and for letting us have this great experience. We thank Mitsubishi Power Systems and the Houston ASME Gas Turbine Technical Chapter for being gracious hosts and allowing RF System Lab to show how video borescopes can be used by gas turbine professionals.

While RF System Lab cannot ship you a turbine to inspect, we can ship you a VJ-Advance videoscope to try in your facility. To learn more about our free, no-obligation demo program, visit the RF System Lab website or call 888-747-6526.

RF System Lab has recently acquired a variety of impressive customers.  We are excited to announce the latest VJ-Advance video borescope (VJ-ADV) purchases in the aviation, engineering, and power generation industries.

Our latest customers in the aviation industry are Constant Aviation and Sikorsky. Constant Aviation, one of the fastest growing MROs in the country, took advantage of RF System Lab’s no-cost demo program when their current videoscope was out on repair. They were extremely impressed with the ergonomics and overall performance of the VJ-ADV, and when they found out about RF System Lab’s low repair costs, they outfitted each of their locations with a brand new VJ-Advance articulating video borescope.

Sikorsky, designer and builder of some of the world’s most advanced helicopters for commercial, industrial, and military use, is utilizing the VJ-Advance Video Borescope to maintain the S-97 Raider; a Light Tactical Helicopter that can reach speeds up to 220 knots. The VJ-ADV’s extreme portability was a big selling point for their rotorcraft inspection needs.

Danfoss Group Global, a leading manufacturer of valves and fluid handling components for HVAC and industrial applications, purchased two 3.9mm VJ-ADVs to trouble shoot hydraulic pumps on large bulldozers. The articulating 3.9mm VJ-ADV was the perfect tool for navigating through slim insertion points required by this application.

UGI Energy Services is a new VJ-Advance video borescope user in the power generation industry.  They discovered the VJ-ADV at the 2015 Western Turbine Users Group, where RF System Lab Senior Sales Consultant, Casey O’Tool, was exhibiting. After trying out the video borescope on their equipment, they invested in a VJ-ADV for valve and pipe inspections. The versatile VJ-Advance is a great addition to any power generation facility’s tool kit and is the ideal inspection tool for preventative and corrective maintenance efforts.

RF System Lab would like to their newest clients, as well as all other companies that became customers at the start of the second quarter.  If you would like to demo the VJ-Advance video borescope, you can sign up for a no-cost, no-obligation demo program.  For more information on RF System Lab, please visit their website or call 855-787-6966 to speak with one of their borescope experts about your specific internal inspection needs.


ASME Turbo Expo will celebrate its 60th year during its four-day exposition, taking place June 15-19, 2015 at the Palais des Congres in Montreal. Recognized as the “must-attend event for turbomachinery professionals,” ASME Turbo Expo promises a dynamic keynote session, a technical conference that sets the world standard for turbine technology events, and a premium exhibit hall packed with the latest in turbine products and services.

Joining that exhibit hall is RF System Lab, makers of the high-quality VJ-Advance articulating video borescope. Turbine maintenance experts will be able to do a live demo of the VJ-Advance at RF System Lab’s booth, #224, to test out the joy-stick controlled articulation and high-resolution, onboard image and video capture first-hand.

Zack Wessels, RF System Lab borescope expert, will be onsite in the exhibition hall to provide information about how by adding an articulating video borescope to their preventative and corrective maintenance procedures, companies can save a significant amount of money and time.

Interested parties can visit the RF System Lab booth #224 starting on Tuesday, June 16th at noon for a chance to try out the groundbreaking VJ-ADV.
You can view the 2015 ASME website here.

If you go…

Venue: Palais des Congres
Conference Dates: June 15-19, 2015
Opening Time: Exhibits open at noon on Tuesday, June 16th
Booth: #224

RF System Lab is looking forward to celebrating 60 years of the ASME Turbo Expo. For more information on RF System Lab and the VJ-Advance video borescope, visit the company website or call a borescope expert at (855) 787-6966.

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