Meet J St. John, RF System Lab’s Newest Borescope Expert

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Meet J St. John, RF System Lab's Newest Borescope Expert

Meet J St. John, RF System Lab’s Newest Borescope Expert

We have quite a few exciting announcements coming in 2014, but the first of those is that we are very excited to announce that we have a few new staff members here at RF System Lab in Traverse City, Michigan. The first of those new staff members that we would like to introduce you to is J St. John, who recently joined the team as a VJ-Advance video borescope sales consultant.

MOGA 2014 - J St. John- RF System Lab- Borescope

J St. John presents the VJ-Advance video borescope at MOGA 2014.

J St. John joined RF System Lab as a Sales Consultant in April of 2014. Through phone consultations and at trade shows, J works with clients to find cost effective solutions to their remote visual inspection challenges. J also serves as Team Leader for RF’s Customer Satisfaction program, supporting long-term, post-sale customer service. J is a “gear-head” who can serve clients in any industry, but he has a special interest in aviation and land-based turbines, down-hole drilling motors and complex castings. Since graduating from Michigan State University with a BA in Marketing, J has worked primarily in automotive, energy, and aviation education. In his spare time, he enjoys SCCA racing, playing music and spending time with his young family.

We sat down with J and asked him a few questions so that you could get to know him a bit better:

 Q1: What are you looking forward to about working at RF System Lab

A1: After spending 10 years in education, it is nice to be back in industry, solving real world problems that impact people’s lives.  The chance to help our clients save time, money, and in some cases, lives is an opportunity I had to jump at!


Q2: What is your favorite place to eat in Northern Michigan?

A2: A Big D from Don’s Drive In may be the best burger on the planet.  The only thing that can touch it is BBQ in my backyard.


Q3: Are you a sports fan? What’s your favorite team?

A3: I am a shameless sports fan.  My Detroit Tigers look solid this year, and I cheer for all things Michigan State.  GO GREEN!


Q4: What is your favorite VJ-Advance (VJ-ADV) video borescope feature?

A4: My favorite VJ-ADV feature is the instruction manual.  What makes it truly great is that I have not had to read it yet.  It never ceases to amaze me how many people pick up the VJ-ADV and go to work.  Its intuitive design allows for a VERY short learning curve.  Dealing with industries that are often penalized for downtime, this feature makes the VJ-ADV stand out.  Additionally, the fact that it uses off the shelf AA batteries makes it portable and convenient.


Q5: What is one place that you hope to visit while traveling for industry trade shows?

A5: I would like to go to Texas in the future.  I have lived there before and still have friends in the area.  Plus, nobody does chicken fried steak like Texas!


J has already represented RF System Lab at various industry trade shows and is doing an excellent job of spreading awareness of the VJ-Advance line of video borescopes. If you catch J at a trade show, make sure to chat with him about the VJ-ADV capabilities – he’s only been with us for a short time, but he’s already a pro!

If you’re interested in chatting with J or one of our other sales consultants about the VJ-ADV, give us a call at 888-747-6526!


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