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RF System Lab is proud to welcome new customers from the month of July in a multitude of industries.  RF System Lab’s most recent client list includes companies from multiple industries, including Power Generation, Oil and Gas, Energy, Casting, and Food Processing.

MillerCoors Logo

MillerCoors Logo

One of RF System Lab’s newest customers in the Food Processing industry is MillerCoors. MillerCoors is a leading US brewing company that is a joint venture between SABMiller and Molson Coors Brewing Company. They required a high-quality borescope to complete processed piping sanitation inspections and ensure that their pipes were clean and had no leakage. With a reputation of quality products on the line, MillerCoors needed to make sure to invest in a borescope that could help them complete sanitation inspections with confidence.

Another new VJ-Advance video borescope user is National Mechanical Services. National Mechanical Services, a well-known power generation field service company specializing in generators, heavy rotating equipment and outside machinery repairs, purchased the 6.9mm – 3m VJ-Advance video borescope to assist with power generator service and repair. One notable use of the versatile 6.9mm VJ-ADV is complex stator end winding inspections to ensure that they are not melted or damaged.

PCC Structurals Logo

PCC Structurals Logo

RF System Lab is proud to have world leader in superalloy, aluminum and titanium investment casting, PCC Structurals, as a new customer. PCC Structurals purchased the 2.8mm VJ-ADV to take advantage of the benefits that a super-slim articulating video borescope provides. Having the ability to easily ensure that holes in casted parts were not blocked and that internal passageways did not contain any foreign object debris (FOD) after removing the casting mold is crucial to any casting business. For this reason, many casting companies struggle with rigid-style borescopes, so investing in a video borescope with 360 degree articulation and a high-resolution camera with video capabilities was an easy decision for PCC Structurals.

RF System Lab would like to extend a thank you to these new clients, as well as all additional clients not listed here. If you would like to demo the VJ-Advance video borescope, you can sign up for a no-cost, no-obligation demo program.  For more information on RF System Lab, please visit our website (www.rfsystemlab.us) or call 855-787-6966 to speak with one of our borescope experts about your specific internal inspection needs.

RF System Lab is proud to show off the latest in remote visual inspection technology, the VJ-ADV, at this year’s Automotive Testing Expo North America. As a Michigan based company, we love being able to be a part of an automotive show right in Motown!

Visitors to Automotive Testing Expo should come see a live demonstration/presentation of the VJ-Advance (VJ-ADV) at booth # 11040 every day of the show. Borescope experts Casey O’Tool and Duncan White are on hand to answer your RVI questions.

Take advantage of this opportunity to discover how RVI (remote visual inspection) can save your company time and money. We will be at the show again tomorrow from 9am to 3pm.

Have a question for the borescope experts?

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For over two decades POWER-GEN International has brought together industry leaders in power generation. This year’s event will host 1,400 companies across all sectors of the industry. Over 22,000 attendees are expected.

On November 12th, POWER-GEN International will kick-off in sunny Orlando Florida. Our very own borescope expert, Casey O’Tool, will exhibit for RF System Lab at this year’s event. Casey will be answering your questions about remote visual inspection and the VJ-Advance (VJ-ADV) video borescope. As a fully articulating video borescope, the VJ-ADV has become an instrumental tool for power generation inspection. Equipment uptime is critical for power generation and video borescopes allow for routine inspections to ensure machines are running smoothly. The VJ-ADV can save power-gen technicians days of inspection time over the working life of the product.

If you are planning on attending POWER-GEN International in 2013 – please take a moment to visit booth #566 to see what the VJ-ADV can do for your power generation maintenance needs. Can’t attend the event? We will ship you a VJ-ADV articulating video borescope at no cost so you can evaluate it at your facility in your own time. To find out more about our no obligation borescope demo program, visit our website.

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