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2015 marks the 40th anniversary of the Regional Airlines Association (RAA) Annual Conference; an exciting milestone for any industry event. RF System Lab is excited to exhibit at RAA’s 40th year on May 11-14 at the Cleveland Convention Center in Cleveland, OH.

The event is packed full of networking opportunities, educational meeting tracks, Q&As, keynote speakers, and an exhibit hall featuring airline suppliers, new technological advances, and service providers.

To kick off the conference, RAA is hosting their traditional golf tournament on Monday, May 10th as a way to network and chat with peers in the industry before the conference kicks off on Tuesday. RAA is also throwing a closing night “Journey Back to 1975” themed 40th birthday bash on Wednesday, May 13th at Pickwick & Frolic, called “Cleveland’s most vibrant and electric restaurant and club.”

After he finishes on the golf course, RF System Lab’s Chad Parker is going to be onsite at the conference exhibit hall at booth #210. We will be providing attendees with the latest advances in remote visual inspection (RVI); specifically video borescope technology. The groundbreaking VJ-Advance video borescope will also be one of the impressive products featured in RAA’s “Innovation Hour.” Stop by booth #210 for a demonstration of how the features of the VJ-Advance make RVI of aviation components stress-free. Attendees will also be able to try out the VJ-Advance for themselves and watch a live demo of an internal inspection.

Don’t miss your chance to visit the RF System Lab booth #210 starting on Tuesday, May 12th at 2:00pm for a chance to demo the groundbreaking VJ-ADV.

You can view the 2015 Regional Airlines Association Annual Conference website here.

If you go…
Venue: Cleveland Convention Center
Conference Dates: May 11-14, 2015
Opening Time: Exhibits open 2:00pm on Tuesday, May 12th.
Booth: #210

Next week’s Border Security Expo is bringing together high-level decision-makers from all over the world to discuss the most pressing topics involved with border enforcement. The expo, which takes place April 21-22nd at the Phoenix Convention Center in Phoenix, AZ, offers panel sessions, keynote speeches from Vice Admiral Charles W. Ray, Phil Landfried, Daniel Ragsdale, and Ronald D. Vitiello, as well as an exhibit hall packed with the latest advancements in border security.

As stated by Jayson P. Ahem, Principal, The Chertoff Group and Former Acting Commissioner, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, “Border Security Expo is an important world class event that is the premier border security conference in the world.”

RF System Lab’s VP of Government Programs, Joel Riling, will be exhibiting on behalf of RF System Lab. He will be onsite to provide demonstrations and give information about the line of ergonomic VJ-Advance articulating video borescopes. The VJ-Advance, which is currently being used by every branch in the military, is an excellent tool for bomb squads and EOD professionals to have on hand; especially where border security is involved. With poly-coated insertion tubes as tiny as 2.8mm, the joystick-controlled VJ-Advance can fit in extremely small areas; allowing border security professionals to internally inspect suspicious areas with confidence.

Interested parties can stop by the RF System Lab Booth #1118 in the Border Security Expo exhibit hall for more information. If you’re unable to attend this expo, check-out future shows that RF System Lab will be attending on the RF System Lab website.

If you go…

Border Security Expo

Dates: April 21-22, 2015

Venue: Phoenix Convention Center in Phoenix, AZ

Exhibits Open: 

RF System Lab Booth #: 1118

With the Aerospace Maintenance Competition quickly approaching, RF System Lab is gearing up to prepare for our first year of sponsorship for this skill-based competition. We’ve talked to many of the schools competing, who are looking forward to have a chance at winning the VJ-Advance video borescope, and have connected with fellow sponsors to spread awareness about AMC.

ARSA logo

ARSA logo

One sponsor we’d like to highlight is the Aeronautical Repair Station Association (ARSA). The ARSA is a repeat sponsor of AMC and are an extremely important part of the Aviation Maintenance industry. We at RF System Lab are proud to be sponsoring AMC along with such an influential and integral association.

The ARSA produced an informational and interesting video, developed as part of the Leading Edge video series. The video was distributed to public TV stations in all 50 states and is hosted by former football coach and sports broadcaster Jimmy Johnson. This seven minute video gives a great inside look at the men and women who keep the skies safe.

You can view the video on the AVMRO website.

We look forward to co-sponsoring the Aerospace Maintenance Competition with ARSA and all the other sponsors on-board. Make sure you stop by and check out this skills competition during MRO Americas – April 14-16, 2015 at the Miami Beach Convention Center in Miami, FL.

RF System Lab is proud to announce big names in multiple industries that recently invested in the VJ-ADV. New customers include companies from industries such as aviation, power generation, railway, and chemical manufacturing.

Critical Care Medflight

Critical Care Medflight logo

The first of RF System Lab’s newest customers comes from the aviation industry. Critical Care Medflight, a certified air ambulance service provider, was sold on the VJ-ADV after an unpleasant experience with a competitor’s scope. Critical Care Medflight required a repair on their previous borescope, but when they found out that the service would cost them almost as much money as the tool itself, they decided to purchase a VJ-ADV instead. Our low-cost of ownership is just one of the reasons that Critical Care Medflight invested in the articulating VJ-ADV.


Sempra Energy Logo

Sempra Energy Logo

Another new VJ-Advance video borescope user is Sempra, a leader in power generation. Sempra, named one of the “World’s Most Admired Companies” by Fortune for 2015, purchased two VJ-Advance articulating video borescopes for two very different applications. The purchase included a 5m VJ-ADV, its long length made it perfect for piping inspections, and a 1.5m VJ-ADV, which will be used for inspecting cylinders on compressors.  We are grateful to be able to call this industry leader one of their new clients.

GBW Logo

GBW Logo


Representing the Railway industry is GBW Railcar Services. This joint-venture between Greenbrier and Watco created one of the largest independent railcar repair shop networks on the continent.  RF System Lab is proud to know that they are utilizing the VJ-ADV for their rail needs; specifically for inspecting the integrity of welds in tank car jackets. Without a high-quality inspection tool, confirming weld integrity on tank cars would require a full-removal of the jacket, leading to much more work and additional expenses.  Additionally, RF System Lab is looking forward to connecting with GBW Railcar services at Railway Interchange, taking place in Minneapolis, MN on October 4-6 of this year.

DOW Union Carbide Logo

DOW Union Carbide Logo

RF System Lab is proud to have DOW Union Carbide as a continued VJ-ADV customer. DOW had already purchased units for multiple locations, but the VJ-ADVs were used so frequently that they required additional units. DOW relies on the VJ-ADV to confidently complete quality inspections of their chemical manufacturing equipment.

We would like to thank these clients, as well as all other new clients not listed here.  If you would like to demo the VJ-Advance video borescope, you can sign up for a no-cost, no-obligation demo program.  For more information on RF System Lab, please visit our website or call 855-787-6966 to speak with one of our borescope experts about your specific internal inspection needs.

RF System Lab is counting down the days until the Aerospace Maintenance Competition, taking place at the 2015 MRO Americas: April 14-16, 2015 in Miami, FL. We’re proud to be a sponsor of the event, but what we’re looking forward to the most is giving away a VJ-Advance articulating video borescope to the winning team in the school category.

We reached out to the schools competing with a goal of getting to know more about their schools, the members of their team, and what they’re looking forward to at this year’s Aerospace Maintenance Competition. We were extremely impressed with their replies, and wanted to showcase a few of the schools competing on the RF System Lab blog.

The first of these schools is South Seattle College, a school that has two teams competing in this year’s AMC. Below are answers from both teams, Association of Women in Aviation Maintenance (AWAM) Team 1 and AWAM Team 2. These teams are made up of the following individuals: Maxim Zuev, Michael Clyde, Agnes Choung, Renae Muniz, Kevin Barrett, ‘Troy’ (Yeshi) Qui, Brian Louderback, Cedric EBROTTIE, Mark Brutke, Michael Cooke, Anthony Clark, Miles Craw. Elise R. Levi, Secretary of AWAM Chapter 19 and A&P Student at South Seattle College, was our contact at the school and was kind enough to interview students competing for us.

We selected a few answers to each of the questions asked to share below:

Question 1 (Q1) : How many years have you been competing in the Aerospace Maintenance Competition?

Answer 1 (A1): “This will be the first year I will be competing in the Aerospace Maintenance Competition, and the second in our school’s history. We are always looking for more opportunities to gain experience and test our knowledge outside of the school environment. Through training for this competition we have been introduced to various aviation maintenance related products used in the field that we would have otherwise not been able to test, putting us a step closer to working out in the field.” –Mark Brutke

A2: ‘’This is my first year competing in the aerospace maintenance competition. I decided to compete because I knew this would be an amazing opportunity for me to make friends among aviation enthusiasts and show what My Team and South Seattle College AMT program are made of.’’- Tony Clark

A3:  ‘’I competed last year, this year I’m a student coach/project manager.’’ –Jennifer Lasher


Q2: If you have attended previously, did you have any memorable experiences?

A1:  ‘’Yes, last year it was very exciting to come together with so many other professionals and students and to get an idea what the future holds for me.’’ –Jennifer Lesher


Q3: If you have not previously attended, what made you decide to participate in this year’s competition?

A1: ‘’Having the opportunity to get more hand-on on Aviation stuff, and enlarging my professional network for my future career in aviation.’’- Cedric EBROTTIE

A2: ‘’The supplementary training and opportunity to learn aspects of aviation maintenance that I have not yet covered in school sounded like a good opportunity to further my education.’’ –Michael Clyde


Q4: Which skill-based challenges are you looking forward to the most at this year’s competition?

A1: ‘’JT8-15 Pressure Ratio Bleed Control.’’ – Brian

A2: ‘’The events are mostly in my areas of interest but I look forward most to showing how hard my team and I have worked to perfect our skills at safety wire, power distribution troubleshoot, Charles Taylor exam, and weight and balance.’’ –Tony Clark

A3: “Im looking forward in building a strong and well controlled skill set under a pressurized environment such as being timed and evaluated by a team of judges. I can also relate this to license testing. “ –Maxim Zuev


Q5: Tell us a bit about your school’s aviation and aerospace maintenance program.

A1: ‘’For being almost at the end of my program, the strength of the school is the instructors.  Having five different instructors throughout my program, their specific backgrounds in Aviation helps me have a wider view in the aviation field.   From the military to commercial and from general aviation to the cargo company.’’ – Cedric EBROTTIE

A2: ‘’Our school and instructors do an excellent job with limited resources to provide us with everything we need to succeed as aircraft mechanics, except our own enthusiasm and drive.’’ –Tony Clark

A3: “It is Two-year program which has a long history.  We even have a hanger at Boeing field to keep airplanes.  Our instructors have varied backgrounds, which helps us understand the fields of aviation.’’    -Agnes Choung


Q6: RF System Lab is donating a VJ-Advance video borescope to the winning team in the school division. How would winning the VJ-ADV assist your program?

A1: The VJ-Advance video borescope would be a vast improvement over the borescopes our school has currently. We have used these devices to inspect compressor blades in turbojet engines for damage, but their effectiveness has been limited because honestly aren’t very good. With a better, professional-quality borescope, I’m sure we would find many more uses for it.’’ –Mark Brutke

A2: ‘’Thank you RF System Lab for donating the VJ-Advance borescope for the school division winner of the AMC. If my team from South Seattle College wins our division that boroscope will be amazing for our powerplant class this coming year.’’ –Tony Clark

A3: ‘’It would be very helpful because we need one with a small head that can go into a J52.’’ –Brian

A4: ‘’Winning the borescope would be most excellent, as our school’s current borescope situation is less than desirable.’’ –Michael Clyde


Last but not least… final remarks: 

‘’Thank you to everyone else from South Seattle College, our families and community (including but not limited to Alaska Airlines and Boeing) who have made it possible for us to compete this year and helped us to hone our training. ‘’ -Tony Clark

‘’I’m looking forward to experiencing and learning new stuff in at the AMC competition, and especially to WIN.’’ – Cedric EBROTTIE

RF System Lab would like to thank South Seattle College for taking the time to let us learn a bit more about their school and AMC goals. We wish them good luck and are looking forward to meeting them at this year’s AMC!

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