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Aviation Week put on the MRO Americas on April 3rd-5th at the Dallas Convention Center.  MRO stands for Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul.  MRO America is a top level conference and exhibition that goes well beyond the fundamentals of aviation to provide the attendees with skills, techniques and tools that will increase their chances for continued success.

The release of the VJ-Advance 3.9mm joystick controlled 4-way articulating video borescope has proven to be an incredible scope for the aviation industry.  The compact light weight design makes it a perfect choice for field service technicians.   The intuitive menu functions and easy to use articulation allows the VJ-ADV to be used by multiple technicians at the same facility.

The inspection applications are almost unlimited; castings, forms, turbines, airframes, fuel lines, landing gear and all intricate manufactured parts being supplied requiring the highest level of quality assurance.

Although we weren’t able to book a booth in time for the 2012 MRO, RF System lab wanted to continue to establish our presence in the aviation inspection industry.  I walked the show for 2-straight days introducing my scope to key companies such as Exotic Metal Forming Company who has recently purchased one of our VJ-ADV 3.9mm 1.5meter units for manufacturing quality inspections.  We are happy to announce that we have secured a great booth for the 2013 MRO Conference and Expo being held in Atlanta Georgia.  We look forward to seeing you at the show! For more information on the 4mm or 6.9 (6mm) borescope you can to go to our website.

The Helicopter-Exposition 2012 produced by Helicopter Association International was highly anticipated by RF System lab.  Heli-X tradeshow was comprised of more than 18,000 attendees and over 600 exhibitors providing ample potential for success.  The tradeshow had every major player in the industry Sikorsky, Augusta Westland, Bell Helicopter, Eurocopter, Russian Helicopter and Enstrom Helicopter.   The show was hosted by the city of Dallas in Texas.  The Dallas one million square foot convention center was packed with displays ranging from small buildings to over 65 Helicopters.  My feet hurt before I even had the booth setup on Saturday.  The show was scheduled for three entire days of conferences, meetings and exhibits. 

The Heliopter-Exposition 2012 tradeshow was highly anticipated due to the recent release of our VJ-Advance 3.9mm 1.5m articulating video borescope.  Our flagship line of 4-way articulating joystick controlled 6.9mm video borescopes were slightly too large to compete for the compact turbine engines used by the majority of Helicopter manufacturers.  However, the 6.9mm unit with 5.0 meter insertion tube is perfect for Main Rotor Blade Inspections.  The smaller turbine engines have restricted access points for insertion or require the need to use factory supplied guide tubes limiting the size of the insertion tube required to complete the internal inspection.  The VJ-ADV 3.9mm 1.5 meter 4-way articulating video borescope from RF System lab was well received at the Heli-Expo making it a great success with many opportunities on the horizon. 

All of our direct competitors such as Olympus, Machida, fiberscope.net and borescopesrus, were present at the tradeshow making it very easy to compare features and functions of multiple video borescopes.  Many of the interested potential customers pointed at the compact ergonomic design of the VJ-Advance which makes it perfect for inspecting engines from ladders, scaffolding or platforms with only one person.  They also were impressed with the easy to use direct USB file transfer adapter allowing the end-user to quickly get the images from the on-board 1GB micro-SD and save them to their computer.  I really enjoyed meeting everyone at the tradeshow and Dallas was a graceful host.  RF System lab looks forward to participating next year due to our success and increasing market share of the ever expanding aviation industry.  Please come see us at Heli-Expo in Las Vegas in 2013 but until then, you can see how our borescopes have been utilized in aviation by visiting our website click on borescope