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At RF System Lab, we are thrilled to announce that our borescope, the VJ-advance, was recently featured in the release of the Hollywood hit, “The Mechanic”.  This hard hitting action film features stars Jason Statham and Ben Foster as elite assassins with a strict code and unique talent for cleanly eliminating targets.  There strategic hit men require absolute perfection in their work and from their tools.  As a result, we were not surprised to find out that they would like to use the RF System Lab articulating video borescope as a cutting edge piece of technology that would help them look behind walls, under doors, and into any dangerous situation where they needed an eye but couldn’t squeeze there head!

In the fall of 2009, the prop specialist from The Mechanic were searching for a tool that would work as a high end fiber optic spy camera.  It appears they found exactly that when they were referred to RF System Lab.  According to General Manager Sean O’Connor, “It was obvious our borescope would be perfect for the scene they described, and we thought we would love to see great technology such as our borescope in a great movie.”

This isn’t the first time RF System Labs borescope has been featured in a movie, and it certainly won’t be the last; a little insider information has it that CSI: New York, the television show is currently following the lead of Hollywood, and using this highly portable high end technology for a scene in an upcoming episode.