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I just got back from the Cygnus Aviation Expo in Las Vegas. The show was held at the Las Vegas convention center and it hosted aviation maintenance attendees as well as Ground Support Equipment.   The show was great! We met so many great people from all over the U.S. and throughout the world.

This was our first time attending this particular expo and with the introduction of our 3.9mm borescope it was perfect timing to start talking video borescopes with the aviation industry. The feedback we received on the scope was incredible. People couldn’t believe how lightweight and easy our VJ-ADV was to use. Some attendees that had never used a borescope before were able to pick up the VJ-ADV and start doing an inspection.

On the flip side we also had attendees that had been working with borescopes for years and had never seen the VJ-Advance. The feedback from these users was that they had never seen a scope with that kind of picture quality that wasn’t the size of a suitcase.

Our 3.9mm video borescope is great for the aviation industry because it allows users to complete inspections quickly and easily without having to lug around a large archaic borescope. Not only are we smaller and lightweight but we offer an incredible price. If you want to learn more about our new version of the 4mm borescope please click on borescope