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Recently we told you about the numerous benefits of an Army Aviation Association of America Industry Membership. This time around, we’d like to feature an industry membership that is new to us…so new that we actually just got our membership kit in the mail last week! Today’s blog shares the membership benefits gained by being a part of the National Agricultural Aviation Association.

We are excited to share this blog for a quite a few reasons:

  1. We are new members, and many of the benefits are things that we are just getting to utilize, and others are things that we have to look forward to
  2. Since we are just breaking into this industry, our NAAA membership is one that will help us grow and learn about all of the ways the VJ-Advance video borescope can assist industry professionals
  3. After reading the membership information, the benefits are endless

Because we are so excited to experience all our new NAAA membership offers, we wanted to provide you with an overview of the mission of NAAA as well as a few of the membership benefits we consider to be highlights.

NAAA, the voice of the aerial application industry, supports the interests of small business owners and pilots licensed as professional commercial aerial applicators who use aircraft to enhance food, fiber and bio-fuel production, protect forestry and control health-threatening pests. Some of NAAA’s membership benefits are as follows:

NAAA's logo

NAAA’s logo

NAAA advocates for research and development funding as well as works closely with organizations in Washington DC on behalf of the aerial application industry. Over the last decade, NAAA has procured over $5 million in federal research funds for the testing and development of new aerial application technologies designed to promote efficiency and keep costs down. They also work with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Congress to put a stop to unnecessary regulations.

Important for industry members who want to stay up to date on the latest aerial agriculture news, an NAAA membership includes access to the Agricultural Aviation magazine, the NAAA eNewsletter and the association website, AgAviation.org. In addition, members also receive a reduced rate for exhibiting at the NAAA Annual Convention and Expo, which is one of our favorite features so far! RF System Lab will be exhibiting at this year’s conference, so make sure to come say hello to us at booth #749!

The membership benefit that tops our personal list is the programs NAAA offers to help continually improve safety and professionalism. One of these programs, the Professional Aerial Applications’ Support System (PAASS), was put in place to reduce drift incidents and aviation accidents association with the aerial application of crop protection products. The PAASS program has helped to reduce aerial drift complaints an average of 20 percent per 100,000 hours flown since the program was first put in place.

RF System Lab is proud to be a member of NAAA, and we look forward to taking advantage of all of the benefits offered, especially the ones mentioned above. To read more about the membership benefits or to sign up for a membership yourself, you can visit the NAAA membership benefits page.

For more information about RF System Lab, visit the RF System Lab website or call 888-747-6526.

RF System Lab is proud to be a part of many different industry memberships. Industry memberships and associations allow us to stay up to date on upcoming annual meetings and conferences offered to members, as well as stay connected with the many industries we serve.

Army Aviation Association of America LogoBecause of this, we decided to feature memberships that we are a part of on the RF System Lab Inside Scope blog. Last month we gave you the top reasons to be a part of NBAA. This month, we’d like to discuss the benefits of joining the Army Aviation Association of America (better known as “Quad-A” or AAAA).

AAAA’s mission is simple: “Supporting the Army Aviation Soldier and Family.” The association provides many opportunities to show support and fulfill that mission through their membership benefits. RF System Lab falls under their “Industry Membership” category, so this blog will focus on the benefits offered from that specific type of membership.

According to the AAAA website, “The Industry Membership Program is designed to foster approved and meaningful interchange between government and industry. Corporate representatives have the opportunity to keep up to date with the changing Army Aviation community, participate in local and national meetings and to develop professional contacts critical to the corporation’s current and future programs and plans.”

Industry members also have the opportunity to participate in the many programs AAAA offers. The first of these opportunities include a subscription to Army Aviation Magazine, the official AAAA publication and the Industry Partners Directory, which gives an insight into the “who’s who” of the Army Aviation industry.

Another benefit of membership is that industry members are able to give back to those who served. AAAA provides industry members with two different ways to do this: The AAAA Scholarship Program and the AAAA Post-Career Employment Program (PCEP). The Scholarship programs give members a chance to make corporate contributions, recognized through the Corporate Matching Fund Scholarship Program that go towards scholarships and interest free loans to members of the AAAA and their family members. The PCEP offers industry members the opportunity to hire enlisted soldiers who are retiring or leaving active service to enhance their workforce. Through this program, the AAAA gives industry members access to many qualified, highly-skilled and disciplined personnel.

One of the exclusive membership benefits that we at RF System Lab find most rewarding is the AAAA Annual Forum. The Forum exclusively gives industry members the chance to exhibit and is also a great forum for networking with fellow professionals. In addition, AAAA sponsors several conferences and forums annually with more specific subject areas (Avionics, Electronics, etc.) that industry members are invited to attend.

RF System Lab is proud to be a member of AAAA and show continuous support for Soldiers and their families through AAAA activities. To read more about the industry membership benefits or to sign up for a membership yourself, you can visit the AAAA Membership benefits page.

For more information about RF System Lab, visit the RF System Lab website or call (888) 747-6526 to talk to a borescope expert.

The use of social platforms is imperative to a company’s brand awareness nowadays. Business to Business (B2B) marketing approaches, especially for industry specific companies, vary in the way that they utilize social sites, but those sites are still undeniably important to their online presence. One of the most important social networking sites that we at RF System Lab utilize is Twitter.

We have found twitter to be beneficial to our industry-specific B2B marketing efforts for a number of reasons.

Reason #1: #Hashtags (especially ones that are trade show related)
Hashtags are a simple, yet effective, way to connect with other Twitter users who are sharing tweets that are similar to yours. For example, if I was looking to connect with other users who were discussing Aviation, I could format my tweet as such:

Aviation Tweet from RF System Lab

When you click on “#aviation”, you will be linked with a plethora of other users who are chatting about aviation as well, allowing you to easily connect where necessary.

One of the best uses of hashtags for industry specific companies is unique trade show hashtags, which most shows and conferences now utilize. When you are onsite at tradeshows, or simply looking to connect with others attending, utilizing the hashtag specified by that show is a great way to do so.” For instance:

Aviation Tweet from RF System Lab

Now attendees following the show hashtag will be able to find your booth, as well as converse with you.

A final note on hashtags from socialmediatoday.com: “It is recommended that you only use hashtags for 1-3 words per tweet. I suggest only using it for 1-2 words, if at all possible. You don’t want to flood your tweets with hashed words that make your brand or company look like spam. You want your tweets to be simple and filled with content to direct the user back to your website or link that you are promoting.”

Reason #2: A majority of companies, especially airlines, have an active twitter account. What does that mean? That you are able to strike up a conversation (albeit an appropriate one) with influential industry professionals.

This also means that you can connect with past and potential customers through “favorites”, “retweets” and by simply replying to their tweets. One thing to note is to not over-do it or you may become noticed for the wrong reasons.

The rule of thumb that we follow is to stay engaged, reply, favorite and retweet when appropriate, and keep your eye out for “buying signals”…which brings me to reason #3.

Reason #3: Twitter can help you to find “buying signals” that may not be as obvious in other platforms. Buying signals are when someone has a need that your product can fulfill.

@GenericAirline tweets: “Anyone have a highly effective, yet reasonably priced solution to non-destructive testing?”

That would be a tweet where we at RF System Lab could reply with a link to our borescope demo offer, or a link to a blog post containing reasons why a borescope purchase is a “need to have.” Buying signals may not always be that obvious, but if you ease into the conversation with a solution that isn’t extremely aggressive (think: here are some tips instead of “here is my product, buy it.”), you’ll be on the right track to generating leads in no time.

Reason #4: Twitter is the perfect place to share industry news.

We share numerous pieces of industry news daily to show that we have an interest in the industries we serve and to make sure that we, and our followers, stay current on what is happening in the aviation, power gen, oil & gas, and manufacturing industries.

Reason #5: It’s a quick way to do a little self-promotion.

A good social media rule of thumb is “80/20” – 80% of your posts should be about others and 20% should be self-promotional. As long as you’re sticking to that rule, there is no reason that you shouldn’t be able to self-promote 20% of the time.

Here’s an example of how RF System Lab promotion:

Promoted Tweet from RF System Lab

There are many other reasons that Twitter is important to Industrial B2B companies, but those are definitely our top five. If you’d like to find out more information about RF System Lab, you can visit our website here. Want to follow us on twitter? Do so by visiting the RF System Lab twitter page here.

Gulf South Rotating Machinery Symposium (GSRMS) took place in Baton Rouge, LA last month. Baton Rouge, the home of oil and gas, was the ideal location for this conference, which was a must-attend for professionals in the compression industry.

Casey O’Tool, RF System Lab sales consultant, was on site exhibiting the VJ-Advance (VJ-ADV) video borescope at GSRMS and had the opportunity to provide demos to attendees in between conference sessions. Even though some sessions took up the majority of the day, O’Tool was still able to make some great contacts and reconnect with familiar companies. One of the companies that O’Tool was glad to see was RR Energy Services, a company that specializes in natural gas compression and industrial diesel equipment.

There were many refineries in attendance at GSRMS who were interested in using the VJ-ADV for remote visual inspections (RVI). One notable connection O’Tool made was with Wood Group PSN, a large service company in the oil and gas industry. The show provided a great social event in the form of a Crawfish Boil that offered many chances for attendees and exhibitors to engage in discussions about the compression industry…while enjoying a meal of good old-fashioned Louisiana cuisine.

If you were unable to test drive the VJ-Advance video borescope (while chowing down on some delicious crawfish) at Gulf South Rotating Machinery Symposium, we would like to offer you a free trial. To make the decision process easy, we offer the industry’s only no-cost, no-obligation demo program so you can evaluate the VJ-Advance line of video borescopes in your facility doing your inspections, before you decide to buy.

For more information about RF System Lab and the VJ-Advance (VJ-ADV) video borescope call us at (231) 943-1171 or visit or website www.rfsystemlab.us.