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RF System Lab is proud to welcome new customers in a multitude of industries.  RF System Lab’s customer list includes companies from industries such as aviation, power generation, oil and gas, chemical processing, manufacturing, and more.

One of the newest customers in the Aviation and Aerospace Maintenance Industry is Rolls-Royce. Rolls-Royce, the world’s second-largest maker of aircraft engines, was looking for a tool to inspect the inside of casting cavities, integral parts of the turbine engine. They required a borescope that was both durable and flexible, which made the VJ-Advance video borescope, with its 360 degree joystick-controlled articulating distal tip and flexible insertion tube, a perfect fit.

Representing the Oil and Gas Industry, Schlumberger is another company among VJ-Advance video borescope purchasers. Schlumberger, the world’s largest oilfield services company, required a low-cost, high-quality borescope to assist them in providing maintenance services to the petroleum industry. RF System Lab’s VJ-Advance, which is battery-operated and completely portable, is an essential addition to their toolkit.

Another new VJ-Advance video borescope user is Nike, Inc. Nike, one of the world’s largest suppliers of athletic shoes, apparel, and a major manufacturer of sporting goods, purchased the super-slim 2.8mm VJ-Advance video borescope to inspect the heads of their line of golf clubs using remote visual inspection (RVI).

Additionally, RF System Lab is excited to have a major power generation company, Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems, as a new customer. Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems provides responsive and proactive service solutions for power providers throughout the Americas. They will be using the VJ-Advance video borescope to assist them in those efforts.

RF System Lab would like to extend a thank you to these new clients, as well as all additional clients not listed here. If you would like to demo the VJ-Advance video borescope, you can sign up for a no-cost, no-obligation demo program.  For more information on RF System Lab, please visit our website or call 855-787-6966.