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SOFIC (The Special Operations Forces Industry Conference) 2014 was a home-run as far as trade shows are concerned. This was RF System Lab’s first opportunity to show the VJ-Advance video borescope specifically to the Special Operations Community, and with over 9,000 attendees, we chose a great show.

SOFIC took place in Tampa, FL on May 20-22 at the Tampa Convention Center and promised to “provide a forum for military, government, academia, and industry stakeholders to network and discuss current and future challenges and how to best support our Special Operations Forces around the globe.” With attendees from all over the world, all of whom met the description above, this was a promise well-delivered.

Joel Riling, RF System Lab’s VP of Government Programs, had a chance to connect with representatives from foreign programs in Poland, Israel, UAE, Cambodia, France, Brazil, El Salvador, Germany, UK, Korea and many others. All of these programs showed a great interest in the fully articulating VJ-Advance (VJ-ADV), which also received interest from multiple SOCOM units and personnel. Riling stated that being able to network with as well as provide demos of the VJ-ADV to a variety of military professionals was phenomenal.

RF System Lab will be signing up for SOFIC 2015 as soon as possible, and we hope to see you there! If you were unable to test drive the VJ-Advance video borescope at SOFIC 2014, we would like to offer you a free trial. To make the decision process easy, we offer the industry’s only no-cost, no-obligation demo program so you can evaluate the VJ-Advance line of video borescopes in your facility doing your inspections, before you decide to buy.

For more information about RF System Lab and the VJ-Advance (VJ-ADV) video borescope call us at (231) 943-1171 or visit or website www.rfsystemlab.us.