Video Borescopes for the Casting Industry – Critical Passageway Inspections

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Video Borescopes for the Casting Industry – Critical Passageway Inspections

Video Borescopes for the Casting Industry – Critical Passageway Inspections

Our final topic for the Video Borescopes for the Casting Industry blog series is critical passageway inspections. Other blog posts in the metal casting series covered residue inspections, coating inspections, weld inspections, slag inspections, form inspections, and burr reduction. In case you missed those posts, here is a recap on the metal casting process:

Metal casting, the process of pouring metal in molten form into a mold to create a casted part, is used in a variety of applications; from art to industrial parts. Because of the need for complete precision during the entire casting process, quality control is a must. Only through a visual inspection of the internal passageways can professionals be absolutely sure that there are no defects or foreign object debris (FOD) that could cause problems down the road.

Overview of Critical Passageways:

Critical Passageways are exactly what they sound like passageways or tubes within a casted part that are critical to the function of that part. Many times, especially in the chemical processing or food and beverage industries, these passageways have chemicals or other fluids flowing through them. Those liquids must arrive at their destination in a condition that is just as pure as before they were sent through the critical passageways. Therefore, critical passageways must be 100% free of debris, residue, or other FOD that can result in mold or contamination.

Video Borescopes with a super-slim diameter are the ideal tool for internally inspecting critical passageways. High-quality articulating videoscopes allow QC professionals to snake an insertion tube into casted passageways to check for residue; without having to take anything apart. This saves both time and money, is an excellent way to confirm the condition of passageways, and helps make sure that parts are ready for the production line.

This post concludes our Video Borescopes for the Casting Industry series. Check out our past metal casting blog posts by clicking the links above. You can find out more about how the VJ-Advance video borescope is the perfect tool for inspecting all components of casted forms by visiting the RF System Lab website or by calling 888-747-6526.

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