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RF System Lab showcased the VJ-Advance Video Borescope at the IADC/SPE Drilling Conference and Exhibition 2012.  This year it was hosted in beautiful San Diego at the Town and Country Resort and Convention Center.  Remote visual inspection was not a hot topic at this particular show, but it was still well received.

One of the first questions from everyone’s mouth who visited our booth was, “How long can the insertion tube get?”  Likely because the main focus of this show was for down-hole projects.  Many of the applications at a show like this take place thousands of feet underground.  The answer is, with our scope the most length you will require for a typical application in drilling, is about 1.5 meters which is our shortest length.  In the oil and gas industry, our 6.9mm borescope is most commonly used to inspect mud motors, stators and pc pumps before they’re put to down-hole work.  In this case, it would definitely be a preventative maintenance tool.  A Professional Quality Control person in this industry can use our tool to inspect the inside of this equipment and determine approximately how many hours of operation are left on the equipment.  With this equipment, a breakdown at thousands of feet underground can cost thousands of dollars.

This was one of the smaller exhibitions that we’ve attended, but there were a very large number of attendee’s searching for ways to make their operations more effective and more efficient.  Our booth stood out among the others because no one else had the type of products we had.  Because of the large number of speakers at the conference, the exhibitors had a good chance to mingle and share ideas and technologies as well.

The staff at the Town and Country Resort and Convention Center were very attentive and helpful.  RF System Lab had a very successful exhibition and will hopefully return to this show in the future.  If you would like to learn more about how your company can utilize our 6.9mm borescope, click for more information about the 6.9 MM video borescope!

I had the amazing opportunity to attend the NACE CORROSION 2012 Conference and Expo in beautiful Salt Lake City last week (March 11-15).  The show was comprised of more than 5,000 industry professionals and 350+ exhibitors from around the world, so needless to say it was a busy week for the VJ- Advance video borescope from RF System Lab.

We were situated in the equipment pavilion next to some incredible NDT equipment, but even in my biased opinion, I think our 6.9mm video borescope received more than its fair share of attention.  The portability of the VJ-ADV really stands out at a show like this. With such large crowds, it really was enjoyable to watch borescope veterans and novice alike respond so positively to the borescope’s ergonomic design and high quality video and picture resolution.

While most of the visual inspection scenarios I discussed didn’t require an outside diameter of less than 6.9mm, that doesn’t mean the 3.9mm video borescope was forgotten.  Attendees were consistently amazed that such a small digital camera could produce such a clear image.  After I explained that RF System Lab had released a 3.9mm outside diameter unit with a 3.0M length insertion tube, the ideas for potential inspections scenarios grew greatly.  From heat exchangers, to seamless tubing, all the way through corrosion inspections of small internal diameter pipes, they realized the VJ- Advance 3.9mm/3.0m was a video borescope that could solve some serious problems for them.

I’d also like to say a very heartfelt thank you to two special friends from National Grid and HDR|Schiff.  They were so excited about the high quality of our video borescope they were literally pulling acquaintances from across the expo center to make sure they had a chance to experience the ground breaking 4-way joystick control of the VJ- Advance video borescope for themselves. To experience all you can do with our 6.9mm or nearly 4mm borescopes, check out our website!

The Helicopter-Exposition 2012 produced by Helicopter Association International was highly anticipated by RF System lab.  Heli-X tradeshow was comprised of more than 18,000 attendees and over 600 exhibitors providing ample potential for success.  The tradeshow had every major player in the industry Sikorsky, Augusta Westland, Bell Helicopter, Eurocopter, Russian Helicopter and Enstrom Helicopter.   The show was hosted by the city of Dallas in Texas.  The Dallas one million square foot convention center was packed with displays ranging from small buildings to over 65 Helicopters.  My feet hurt before I even had the booth setup on Saturday.  The show was scheduled for three entire days of conferences, meetings and exhibits. 

The Heliopter-Exposition 2012 tradeshow was highly anticipated due to the recent release of our VJ-Advance 3.9mm 1.5m articulating video borescope.  Our flagship line of 4-way articulating joystick controlled 6.9mm video borescopes were slightly too large to compete for the compact turbine engines used by the majority of Helicopter manufacturers.  However, the 6.9mm unit with 5.0 meter insertion tube is perfect for Main Rotor Blade Inspections.  The smaller turbine engines have restricted access points for insertion or require the need to use factory supplied guide tubes limiting the size of the insertion tube required to complete the internal inspection.  The VJ-ADV 3.9mm 1.5 meter 4-way articulating video borescope from RF System lab was well received at the Heli-Expo making it a great success with many opportunities on the horizon. 

All of our direct competitors such as Olympus, Machida, fiberscope.net and borescopesrus, were present at the tradeshow making it very easy to compare features and functions of multiple video borescopes.  Many of the interested potential customers pointed at the compact ergonomic design of the VJ-Advance which makes it perfect for inspecting engines from ladders, scaffolding or platforms with only one person.  They also were impressed with the easy to use direct USB file transfer adapter allowing the end-user to quickly get the images from the on-board 1GB micro-SD and save them to their computer.  I really enjoyed meeting everyone at the tradeshow and Dallas was a graceful host.  RF System lab looks forward to participating next year due to our success and increasing market share of the ever expanding aviation industry.  Please come see us at Heli-Expo in Las Vegas in 2013 but until then, you can see how our borescopes have been utilized in aviation by visiting our website click on borescope