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NBAA’s Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition was recently named the fourth largest trade show in the USA. On October 21-23, this year’s NBAA is going to be taking place at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL. The event, also known for being the world’s largest and most important business aviation event, will draw over 25,000 aviation professionals and feature over 1,000 exhibitors showcasing the latest products and services in the industry.

RF System Lab will be among the 1,000 plus exhibitors, presenting their impressive line of VJ-Advance (VJ-ADV) joystick-controlled, four-way articulating video borescopes. The VJ-ADV, with insertion tube diameters of 2.8mm, 3.9mm, or 6.9mm is the ideal tool for remote visual inspection needs in the aviation industry. Whether aviation professionals specialize in inspecting turbines, recips, airframes or avionics, a high-quality, portable video borescope like the VJ-ADV is an excellent investment.

Borescope expert Jess Kuznicki will be representing RF System Lab at booth #4525 and will be providing free demos of the VJ-ADV. Jess will also be available to answer questions about how the battery-operated, 23oz VJ-ADV video borescope is a crucial addition to any aviation professional’s toolkit.

You can visit the NBAA website right here.

Learn more about the VJ-Advance video borescope:
Exhibit Hall Opens: October 21, 2014 at 10:00am
Conference Dates: October 21-23, 2014
Venue: Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, FL
RF System Lab Booth #: 4525

We look forward to meeting with industry decision makers and providing a chance to test the VJ-Advance. If you are unable to attend the symposium don’t forget, you can still checkout the VJ-ADV articulating video borescopes on the RF System Lab website! For more information, call us toll-free at (231) 943-1171.

We at RF System Lab handle hundreds of VJ-Advance video borescope shipments, accounts, and repair needs in our Traverse City office every month.  In order to keep all of those details current, the persons in charge have to be extremely detail-oriented and on the ball 100% of the time. Luckily, we have an outstanding Operations Team, and we’d like to introduce them and give you a better idea of who makes sure everything is running smoothly.

So, here is a Q & A with Savanna, our Operations Manager, and Merry, our Logistics Coordinator.

Question 1 (Q1): What is your favorite part of working at RF System Lab?

Savanna (S): Having the opportunity to participate in the growth and movement of the company.

Merry (M): Working on something different every day and meeting and overcoming new challenges.


Q2: Favorite place to eat in Northern Michigan?

S: This is a hard one! I honestly do not think that I have a specific “favorite,” because there are so many options! It all depends on the day and event. A classic go-to for me would have to be TC Hunan (Chinese cuisine), or GT Pie Company.

M: Right now I would have to say PepeNero here in TC… delicious and authentic Italian cuisine!


Q3: What is your favorite VJ-Advance video borescope feature?

S: The VJ-ADV is fully articulating, which allows for full mobility and inspection flexibility.

M: The VJ-ADV is hand-held, making it easy to move from one inspection to another, and very user-friendly.


Q4: Do you have any hobbies? If so, what are they?

S: Kayaking, camping, church activities, spending time with friends and family.

M: Reading, watching hockey (Let’s go Red Wings!), and spending time with my friends and family.


Q5: What is a random fact that people may not know about you?

S: I am determined to travel the world.

M: One of my life goals is to travel west to the Pacific, following the trail of Lewis and Clark.


Now you know a bit more about our Operations Team! If you would like to check out the features of the VJ-Advance video borescope for yourself, you can get a no-cost, no-obligation demo unit by signing up here, or by calling one of our borescope experts at (231) 943-1171.

Jess Kuznicki, Borescope Expert, took a flight across the country from September 22-25, 2014 for the Airlines for American NDT Forum (A4A NDT Forum) in San Francisco, CA. Jess has attended this show on behalf of RF System Lab for multiple years, but this was his first time hosting a hospitality suite at the event.

NDT aviation professionals who were exhibiting and attending the show had a chance to network, enjoy hors d’oeuvres and drinks, and test out the VJ-Advance video borescope in the RF System Lab hospitality suite on both Monday and Tuesday night. Jess reported that he always has an excellent time at this show and that he was glad to have the chance to host the suite. “I was able to connect with attendees that I may have missed during exhibit hours in a much more relaxed setting.”

A4A NDT Forum

A4A NDT Forum LogA N

Another benefit of the A4A NDT Forum is getting face time with current customers. Jess had the chance to catch up with representatives from companies that previously purchased the VJ-Advance video borescope, such as Southwest Airlines and FedEx.

The A4A NDT Forum was a memorable experience – even the views from the venue were spectacular! RF System Lab is looking forward to attending this event again in the future.

If you were not in attendance at the A4A NDT Forum and therefore did not get a chance to test out the VJ-ADV, you can still try one out at your own facility! RF System Lab offers a no cost, no demo program, which you can sign up for right here. To find out more about the free borescope demo or to chat with a borescope expert, you can call the RF System Lab office at (231) 943-1171 or visit the RF System Lab website.

RF System Lab Director of Sales and Marketing, Duncan White, had an excellent experience at our first-ever Railway Maintenance trade show, the RSI/CMA 2014 Canadian Rail Summit. The show took place at the Palais Des Congres in Montreal, Quebec from September 21-23, 2014.

Canadian Rail Summit Logo

RSI/CMA 2014 Canadian Rail Summit

Duncan was able to gain a lot of knowledge about the Railcar maintenance industry and chat with many industry professionals about the best ways that video borescopes, such as the groundbreaking VJ-Advance, could be utilized when working with Railcars. One of our current contacts, WATCO, informed us that video borescopes are extremely useful in tank car weld inspections, which are completed by drilling through tank car jackets and inserting the video borescope to complete the inspection. Without a non-destructive testing tool, maintenance professionals have to remove the entire outer jacket, which can be extremely time-consuming and costly.

Other VJ-Advance video borescope uses that sparked interest in attendees included the potential for looking at the backside of railcar wheels for manufacturer number and checking castings in the manufacturing process. These applications are made easy with the VJ-Advance’s joystick-controlled, four-way articulation and variable LED lighting.

All in all, The Canadian Railway Summit was a great show. The location was perfect; there was a good flow of attendees in the exhibit hall, and Duncan was able to learn a great deal more about the Railcar industry.

If you could not make it to the RSI/CMA 2014 Canadian Railway Summit and missed a chance to test out the VJ-ADV, you can still try one out at your own facility! RF System Lab offers a no cost, no demo program, which you can sign up for right here. To find out more about the free borescope demo or to chat with a borescope expert, you can call the RF System Lab office at (231) 943-1171 or visit the RF System Lab website.