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You may recall a few weeks back that we introduced you to one of our newest staff members the BBQ-lovin’, Detroit’s Tigers fan (who is also a new Sales Consultant and borescope expert) J St. John. Well, this edition of “Meet the new staff members” is all about Meaghan Jameson, the RF System Lab Marketing Coordinator.

Meaghan joined RF System Lab in 2014 as the Marketing Coordinator. Meaghan handles all the arrangements for RF’s 30+ industry tradeshows each year, in addition to writing industry articles and blog content and assisting with digital marketing. Prior to joining RF, she worked as an Event Manager for a local event planning company and recently spearheaded a road trip around the country committing Random Acts of Kindness. Meaghan graduated from the University of Florida, where she obtained a degree in Recreation and Event Management. She enjoys blogging, running, traveling, yoga, and being outdoors whenever possible.

Meaghan provided us with answers to some of our “get to know you better” questions:

Q1: What are you looking forward to about working at RF System Lab

A1: At my last position, the marketing that I handled was primarily B2C, where all marketing efforts at RF System Lab are B2B – it is a nice change and allows me to experience a new way to create and promote content. I’m also excited to work at an industrial company with a product that the entire staff really believes in and is passionate about…it makes for an extremely positive and supportive environment.


Q2: What is your favorite place to eat in Northern Michigan?

A2: A better question is what Northern Michigan restaurant don’t I enjoy eating at? They’re all amazing! I’d have to say that one of my favorite places to grab a bite to eat is probably from one of the food trucks at The Little Fleet… I think Pigs Eatin’ Ribs’ Beef Brisket sandwich and Roaming Harvest’s whitefish tacos are probably tied.


Q3: Any hobbies? How do you spend your spare time?

A3: I love being outdoors – biking, rollerblading, hiking, running… I’m actually training for my third half marathon! In addition, I dabble in some musical theater, read on my front porch whenever possible, and enjoying cooking up new creations.


Q4: What is your favorite VJ-Advance (VJ-ADV) video borescope feature?

A4: I try not to play favorites, but I’d have to say my favorite feature is the joystick controlled articulation. It makes controlling the VJ-Advance video borescope remarkably easy and only requires one hand!


Q5: What’s a random fact about you?

A5: How about two facts? I cannot do a cartwheel, and I am on my way to becoming certified to teach hip hop dance-fitness classes.
Meaghan has been spreading the word about the groundbreaking VJ-Advance through social media, press releases and blogging. If you’re interested in learning more about the VJ-Advance video borescope, visit our website or give us a call at 231-943-1171!