Video Borescopes for the Casting Industry – Weld Inspections

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Video Borescopes for the Casting Industry - Weld Inspections

This post continues our series of “Video Borescopes for the Casting Industry” with a look into a different kind of inspection. In case you missed our last piece, here is a quick recap on the metal casting process.

Metal casting, the process of pouring metal in molten form into a mold to create a casted part, is used in a variety of applications; from art to industrial parts. Because of the need for complete precision during the entire casting process, quality control is a must. Only through a visual inspection of the internal passageways can professionals be absolutely sure that there are no defects or foreign object debris (FOD) that could cause problems down the road.

In our first post of the series, we covered video borescopes for coating inspections. This post is going to take a more detailed look into weld inspections.

Overview of welding:

The process of welding is, put plainly, to join two casted parts together. While welding sounds simple, welding precision is crucial. Broken casted parts are not unusual given the brittle nature of most cast iron.  However, any missteps or overlooked defects can result in disaster and may mean that the part is unusable; causing the entire casting process to start completely over. Welding is an important solution to this issue since it is sometimes used to repair defects discovered after a piece has been casted.

Video borescopes, like the VJ-Advance articulating video borescope, allow maintenance technicians to internally check that the weld is free of gaps and is fully penetrated. Medical-grade quality cameras offered on high-quality videoscopes provide the opportunity to take crisp images documenting the integrity of the weld, which allow casting professionals to feel confident that their parts are free of defects. Completing remote visual inspections with a video borescope helps assist professionals in making sure that welds are intact, and parts do not need recasting.

We will post the next part of our Video Borescopes for the Casting Industry series soon! In the meantime, you can find out more about how the VJ-Advance video borescope is the perfect tool for weld inspections by visiting the RF System Lab website or by calling (231) 943-1171.

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